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   When you come to your tax appointment or drop off your information, we will need the following:
  • If we have never prepared your return, we will need copies of your prior year federal and state returns.
  • W-2 Forms (all copies).
  • All 1099s, 1098s and K-1s from all sources.
  • All year end statements from brokerage accounts and mutual funds.
  • Any "Average Cost Statement" received from a mutual fund on the sale of fund shares.  If you sold stock or mutual fund shares, we will need the date of purchase and cost of the stock or mutual fund shares sold.  If shares were purchased over the years via dividend reinvestment, we need to know the amount of dividends reinvested each year.  If the stock or mutual fund was inherited, tell the number of shares you inherited and the date of death of the person from whom they were inherited.
  • Any tax booklets you receive from your resident and non-resident states.
  • A detailed listing of the following itemized deductions:  medical and dental expenses, real estate taxes, home mortgage interest, contributions and/or donations, unreimbursed employee expenses, job travel, union dues, job education, work clothes, and investment expenses.
  • Detailed listing for rental income and expenses, self-employment income and expenses, and child care expenses.
  • Copies of all Statements of Accounts from your college or university.  If you have dependents in college, in addition to the 1098Ts received from the school, we need copies of all statements of accounts from the Student Accounts Office of the college or university and the student's status (i.e., Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior) at the beginning of the year.  Additionally, we need to see any statements showing interest paid on student loans.
  • From 1098-E showing interest paid on a student loan.
  • Settlement sheets and 1099-S from the purchase or sale of real estate.  If you purchased real estate; we need the closing or settlement statement for the purchase of the property.  If you sold real estate; we need the closing or settlement statements for both the purchase and sale of the property, plus the cost of capital improvements made to the property over the years.
  • If you refinanced a mortgage; we need to know if you paid any points.
  • 1099-R showing pension or IRA distributions.
  • Amount of alimony paid or received.  If you are paying alimony, we need the Social Security number of the person to whom you are paying the alimony, the amount paid for the year, and any other required payments such as health insurance premiums, and/or real estate expenses that you are making on behalf of your former spouse.
  • Copies of Form 1095-A showing amounts paid for health insurance bought through the marketplace.
We need to know if...
  • you and your dependents had health insurance coverage for the year.
  • you are e-filing your return.
  • you want your refund direct deposited.  If so, we will need a voided check (NO Savings deposit slips, please).
  • the bank account you are using for direct deposit is the same one as last year.
  • you made estimated tax payments for the federal, state and local.

Additionally, we will need...

  • Social Security numbers and birthdates for the taxpayer and all dependents.
  • the name of your school district in which you reside and your resident municipality.
  • Social Security number or Employer Identification number and address for all child care providers.
  • If you were a member of the military, we will need a copy of your military orders.
  • Up-to-date phone numbers and any address changes

Please provide us with any other information you think might help in the preparation of your tax returns.  


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